Factors Affecting the Price of Tree Care - #1 Hazards

Many people wonder how we (or any tree company) estimates the price for each job we quote. In this blog series we’ll shed some light on what factors affect the price of tree care (and why we always need to see the job site in person before giving a proposal/quote).

#1 - Hazards

If there are structures/objects underneath or close to the tree being pruned/removed then the labour/time it takes to get the job done safely increases for our company. Thus, so does the price. If your tree is hanging over a house, shed, pool, or any other structure that could be damaged, it is a greater risk for our company. In these situations, extra care must be taken and many pieces will need to be “roped” down (which is more time consuming and labourious). Our skilled workers needs to be meticulous about each branch or piece of wood that is pruned/removed. Sometimes we also need to lay plywood down on top of roofs/structures, patios, walkways, etc. to help protect them during the tree pruning/removal. These extra precautions add to the cost of labour and materials and can make your tree pruning/removal more expensive. However, these are important steps we need to take in order to protect your property. It is our priority to safely and effectively prune/remove trees so that you can enjoy your back yard!