Factors Affecting the Price of Tree Care - #3 Landscaping Features

#3 - Landscaping Features

Many customers have landscaping features in their yards that we need to be careful of while doing tree work. Pools, ornamental features, freshly laid sod/asphalt, patio stones/pavers, etc. are all things we take into consideration when quoting.

We do our best to move any items that may get damaged due to tree work, but if a tree is being pruned/removed around anything we can’t move, we rope down the branches/pieces of wood. Roping down branches and rigging the wood helps us avoid hitting or damaging any items. It also helps us avoid leaving divots in the grass/turf. The more rigging that needs to be done on a property, the more cost it will add to your project/quote.

There may also be additional labour costs if our crew isn’t able to have direct or straight access to the project. If they have to take a roundabout way to access the site (or if they have to walk uphill) that adds extra labour to the overall job cost.

Jason MorrisComment