Factors Affecting the Price of Tree Care - #5 Taking or Leaving Materials?

Factors Affecting the Price of Tree Care # 5 - Taking or Leaving Materials?

Much of the labour involved in tree work is having to remove the wood and brush from your property. The more our crew has to touch each piece of wood (and the further they have to walk with it), the more it will cost in labour. If we remove the wood and brush, we use one of our chippers to grind it up. Chippers are costly machines and having that equipment on site also increases the cost. We also have to pay to dispose of the materials (unless of course you’d like the wood chips dumped on your property for you to use in your gardens instead). Some homeowners think it will be less cost if we leave the wood but cut it into small pieces. This is not necessarily the case as cutting each piece of wood into manageable pieces is laborious, as is stacking it for our customers. Some customers prefer for us to expertly remove the branches/trees and just leave them on the property for the homeowner to clean up. Just remember that a tree branch/tree trunk is always bigger than it seems once it’s on the ground, so it can be a larger task than anticipated for some homeowners. Our Arborist can walk through all of the different options with you so you can find a service level that suits you (and your budget) best.

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