Tree Care Services

Tree Pruning

Keep your trees healthy with regular pruning. We can elevate your tree branches and prevent unwanted growth, making your trees healthier and more pleasing to look at. Some branches start to cross over or grow into each other, which creates unwanted rubbing and damage. We can predict potential hazards or issues in future growth and correct them through professional trimming and pruning.

We can also remove branches that died in the winter to help ensure healthy growth in the summer. Removing branches that were damaged due to ice and cold winter weather will increase the safety and beauty of your trees.

Tree Removal

Do you have a dying tree or a tree you no longer want on your property? Let our experienced tree climbers remove it safely and properly so there isn’t damage to your property. Trust the professionals at Hilltop for all tree removal services.

Storm Damage

It only takes one quick storm to roll through to cause many hours of clean-up. Our crew can make short work of the damage to return your property back to normal again. We can also ensure your trees are made to be as safe as possible to help withstand the winter snow or summer wind storms.

Cabling and Bracing

Have a tree with multiple stems or weak branches? We can cable them so that they are less likely to snap during a storm. We can also brace stems to prevent twisting. These tasks are best done by the tree care professionals at Hilltop.

Stump Removal

Don't let stumps get left behind to rot or to become trip hazards. We have the equipment to remove any stumps in your yard, thus returning that unused space back to you.

Small Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Shrubs and hedges can become unsightly if they are not maintained and they take considerable time to clip. Let us take care of trimming and shaping your hedges and shrubs. We’ll do the work and return your yard to looking welcoming and tidy again.

Insurance Claims

Covered under property insurance but not sure of the amount of work required? We can quote that for you!

Consultancy Services

Is it time for a new look for your yard but you don't know where to start? Our years of experience can help to point you in the right direction. Call now for a consultation with our tree care professionals.

Thank you Jay for the promptness of service. The trimming of the very large yew and the three junipers was excellent. We love the way they look now. We were also pleased that we didn’t have to clean up. Now we can stand back and enjoy the look of the trees. You can be assured we’ll be calling again!
— July 2017